10 Things to get your home ready for sale…

Everyone you talk to says that the market is flat and it’s not a good time to sell.  What if you have to sell or what if you want to sell because you want to upsize, downsize or just be closer to the family? One thing is for sure, if you want to sell, you have to make your property stand out from the rest.
When you sell a home, there are 3 things that can have an impact, the price, the presentation and the location, you can only have control over two of these things. Let’s talk about how we can help your home be a stand out!

1       The Price

It’s always a really good idea to get an independent valuation through a licensed valuer. This is who the bank will use if your house sale is subject to finance. Your house will have to meet the valuer’s price for the bank to provide finance to your buyer. Make sure when the valuer visits that your home is absolutely spotless, decluttered and any minor repairs have been done as a valuer will view the price of your home based on if they had to sell it that day, as is. Invite a couple of local agents to appraise your home. An experienced real estate agent will know the market, be able to provide a detailed appraisal and work with you to give you a great marketing strategy.

2       Presentation is Key

It is absolutely vital that your home presents as ‘move in ready’. Statistically people will make their mind up within the first 30 – 60 seconds of walking into a home. It’s good to present a home to appeal to the greatest amount of people. At Spice Styling & Staging we create spaces to inspire a homely feel upon entering a property. Home staging is about creating spaces to inspire creativity in a buyer.

3       Put a Value on Your Time

There are so many articles and tv shows about getting your home ready for sale, so when people look to getting their own home ready, they often underestimate how much time this may take you if you are planning on doing it all yourself.  Everyone’s situation is different; however, I find that when I talk to people there is always a common theme…they are busy! Whether its work, children, pets or just everyday life it seems we have less time to get all our projects done. So consider getting some help to get your home ready quickly and most importantly get your property on the market and sold!

4       When your home is empty

Often people have already found and moved to their next home before the first one has sold. Cold, empty houses make it difficult for potential buyers to visualise where they will put their own belongings. They statistically take longer to sell too! Spice Styling & Staging offers very competitive furniture styling & staging packages to suit any home.

5       Get those smoke alarms fitted

When you sell your home, part of settlement now is having hard wired smoke alarms fitted and RCD’s in place. Ask our advice on getting a sparky out to tick the box on electrical compliance!

6       De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter

Well you are going to move out anyway, so why not pack up those things you are not using, store or on-sell those excess pieces of furniture and clean out your pantry and cupboards. It will make any space seem bigger and enable that potential buyer to visualise themselves living there.

7       Pre-Home Open Styling

As part of your marketing strategy you might have some home opens booked.  These are a great way to showcase your home. Consider having some pre-home open styling. Spice Styling & Staging will come in before the home open and make sure your home is clean and tidy and then style your home with cushions, vases, art pieces and bedding. The good news is, if you are a customer of Spice Styling & Staging you may qualify for a free pre-home open styling package!

8       Listen to your Agent

Normally people get 2 to 3 appraisals on their home before choosing an agent. You will make your decision based on the rapport built, marketing plan, timeframe for any changes and demonstrated sales record of your agent, so now it’s time to put your trust in their knowledge of the market and work with them to help sell your home.

9       What does a buyer see

If you were buying your property today, what do you see when you walk through the door? Would you buy your home? Look at what other homes on the market are competing with yours.

10     Does my home smell nice

This is a really important one, make sure your home smells fresh and pet odour free. If you are going to burn some essential oils be really careful about which ones you use, you don’t want to overpower potential buyers.